Here’s what I know about me today. My fingerprints are my opposites, tough and tender, courageous and fearful, strong and weak. My backbone is defense and indecision. Suspicion and self-doubt. I am reactive, defiant and rebellious. A true six but truly loyal too. Sometimes to a fault. Sometimes to a saving grace. I am terrified of abandonment. But life is not about bracing for the next leaving, the next little inhale of fear, the next moment of panic. Life is about an anchoring, not in a place but in myself, a steadiness, a warmth when the sun is not shining. It’s about wildness and breathing. Learning to stir up fear and simply sit and trust. Feeling as deeply as I can, all the way to my toes, and being okay to stay in that for a little. And as far as writing goes, I love it, I love it like I love breathing. Actually I need it that way too. I love pursing the Creator in creation, seeking to be a woman after the heart of God by following after the footsteps of the original Author.  I hope you find these pages an offering, poured out on the altar of my life. I hope you find stories of vulnerability here. I hope this is a place without judgement and a place of overwhelming love. I hope you are encouraged and nurtured and that these words bring rest to your weary soul, that they draw you back to the One who is always beckoning you, that they inspire you to breathe a little deeper. I pray that these pages would be a place where you feel strengthened in your time of growth, because growth is a vulnerable time. Life is messy, and beautiful, and a war and so find here, a little collection of whisperings, a little collection of wild faith stories.

j. k. meko