Freedom from Comparison



The word feels like an accusation.

We are the generation who, upon being presented with the image of perfection over and over and over again, are the ones swept away by a current of crippling dissatisfaction.

I was there.  Crippling dissatisfaction consumed me.  I would wake up in the morning with dread pitted deep in my stomach because I felt that I could never measure up.  I could never achieve the impossibly high standards of perfection that I set for myself and I was chained by it.  And some days I'm still there. I still wonder if I have ever been good enough, if I will ever be good enough. 

At the bottom of the very dark pit of comparison, hopelessness creeps into my bones.  And I am always tempted to stay.  I think a lot of us are.  We remain trapped and victimized by comparison and unhealthy goals forgetting all too often that truly, we can never be satisfied with our own work.  We can never be satisfied with anything on this earth and we can never be satisfied with the image we try to portray.  No matter how ceaselessly we strive for perfection we will never obtain it.  But what if this design was crafted for us? What if we were never supposed to obtain perfection on this earth?

Jesus tells us that we can do no good thing apart from Him and it's because of this that I can tell you, there is radiant, beautiful, powerful and wild hope, even in the inability to obtain perfection.  There is beauty in realizing that those standards cannot be obtained and that there is a love that shatters comparison and dissatisfaction.  It is magnificent because it is unconditional.  No matter what we do, or do not do, no matter what we do well or do not do well, that love remains the same.  We are called to have eyes set on eternity because in the broad scheme of things, our millennial identity is not going to impact our Kingdom identity.  But right now, we can use our millennial identity to further glorify our Father.  The urgency is this, that this opportunity will only exist on this earth.  So, let’s let that free us to do what we have been called to do now, while we have the opportunity.  Let’s see His unconditional love as the freedom from the fear of what others think and freedom from the fear of failing.

Let’s see His unconditional love as freedom to try hard, to love well, and to shirk off the heavy weight of comparison because we serve a God who came to break chains and to set captives free.